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Polygon Cruncher + 3D Photo Browser for 3D Users 11.04

Polygon Cruncher + 3D Photo Browser for 3D Users 11.04

Polygon Cruncher + 3D Photo Browser for 3D Users Publisher's Description

Polygon Cruncher is a software which exists in different version:
Polygon Cruncher interface

StandAlone version which includes Maya files support.
Any registration to Polygon Cruncher for 3ds Max / Lightwave / 3D Photo Browser includes the license to this version.
plugin for 3D Photo Browser
Polygon Cruncher is included in 3D Photo Browser package.
plugin for 3DS Max / 3ds Max Design
Utility & Modifier plugins
32 bits : V6.x, V7.x, V8.x
32 and 64 bits : V9.x, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
plugin for Lightwave Modeler
32 and 64 bits : V6.x, V7.x, V8.x, V9.x, V10.x, V11.x and more

Polygon Cruncher is also available through a SDK for developers. Look at the differences between these versions.

Polygon Cruncher reduces the number of polygons of your objects without changing their appearance. You keep all details even at high optimization ratio. You also keep texture information, vertex colors, user defined normals. You protect object borders, material boundaries, UVs seams... You can optimized taking care of the symetry of your objects.

Polygon Cruncher has an OpenGL view which allows controlling optimization results whenever you want.

Moreover, Polygon Cruncher features batch processing: select the optimization levels you wish and let's go! You optimize one or more scenes at different levels in a single step.

Polygon Cruncher uses an exceptional algorithm developed since 10 years, which gives incomparable results, really better than what you can get with optimizer provided with 3DS Max or Lightwave.

Polygon Cruncher is really simple to use. It has been chosen by major 3D companies: Autodesk, Anark, Activision, Epic Games, Airbus, Boeing, Sega, Sony, 3DO, Digital Domain, Kalisto...

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